The KBRP 2012 Fund Drive - Become A Member Today!

Now More Than Ever … In the last three years, KBRP has worked hard to continue to improve the service, programming, and strategic direction of the radio station. As we close out 2012, we are asking for your help to reach the most ambitious fund drive goal in station history – 15,000 dollars.

You may renew your membership (one-time) below, but there is also an exciting, new option. Starting this year, you can choose to become a sustaining member of the radio station with regular automatic monthly withdrawals from your checking account or credit card. Beginning at the station’s Charter Membership ($120), you can contribute $10, $20 (Benefactor Membership), or $30 (Dollar-A-Day Membership) a month, which will provide the station with the needed support to maintain a positive cash flow throughout the year.

This system has been extensively tested and has yielded a more detailed and interactive interface with your KBRP membership.  You have our assurance that your information is absolutely safe through KBRP’s use of a secure Paypal server.  The new set up also allows you to customize your donation and purchase gift donations as well.

All membership contributions go directly to support the programming on KBRP. All members receive:

-- a monthly e-newsletter
-- advance notice on station programming and special events
-- free admission to the Telescopic Audio Film Series
-- ticket(s) to the KBRP Annual Meeting and Party
-- discounts on KBRP merchandise
-- and other assorted thank-you gifts.

Our sustaining memberships also provide the donor with a quarterly thank-you gift selection as well as donor recognition at the radio station.

Lets take a look at the different pledge level available to you:

One-Time Memberships:

A one-time membership provides you a year of membership in KBRP Community Radio.  This contribution goes to offsetting the station's operational costs and covers the costs of all programming.  This year, we will be providing a number of thank you gifts to members at all levels.  This will include CDs and KBRP promotional materials.  This is in addition to the regular member benefits you will receive (see above).  As a renewing member, you must renew at the Individual Member level or above to receive regular member benefits.  You can select the appropriate level from the drop down menu below and add the membership to the Paypal cart. 

$25.00 – New Giver
$40.00 – Individual Member
$70.00 – Household Member
$96.10 – Frequency Member
$120.00 – Charter Member
$240.00 – Benefactor Member
$365.00 – Dollar-A-Day Member
Membership Levels

Sustaining Memberships:

KBRP is offering sustaining memberships for the first time. These memberships allow you to give on a consistent, monthly basis, which provides the radio station with a steady stream of financial support throughout the year and allows you to possibly give more over the course of the year in small monthly installments. The subscriptions are meant to last for the period of one year with an option of renewing that subscription each year during our fund drive.

$10.00/month – Sustaining Charter Member
$20.00/month – Sustaining Benefactor Member
$30.00/month – Sustaining Dollar-A-Day Member
KBRP Monthly Subscrption Service Options


If you value KBRP, as an alternative to corporate media, as a source of independent views and music, as a resource to be cherished and cared for, it's up to you to make it grow. We appreciate your support for KBRP Community Radio! Any dollar amount is welcome and your membership donation will go towards our annual operating expenses.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Station Director Ryan J. Bruce at 520-227-6547 or via email at