Welcome to Bountiful Bisbee

The Bisbee Farmers Market Report, Bountiful Bisbee, gives listeners weekly insight to what is happening at the market and the goods and produce available. The program also includes ecology and cooking tips for earth-friendly living.

Bountiful Bisbee Podcast

Bisbee’s volunteer-powered, listener-supported community radio station KBRP is pleased to announce the launch of the station’s first podcast, Bountiful Bisbee.

Podcasting is a version of web syndication that makes audio available on-demand and as a subscription service through a technology called real simple syndication or RSS. RSS allows a listener to subscribe through their web browser or through an aggregator like iTunes to any program that makes itself available through this technology.

Bountiful Bisbee is a project of KBRP Community Radio and the Bisbee Farmers Market. This weekly 5-minute module gives you an update of what is happening at the market each week along with information about available produce, ecology tips, and cooking recipes.

Basic Podcasting Information

All Podcasts require you to have:

1. A podcasting program (itunes, feedburner, juice)

2. A podcast address

Below, is the Bountiful Bisbee Podcasting address. You can click on this directly to view the podcast or cut and paste it into your podcasting player.

Bountiful Bisbee: http://www.kbrpradio.com/bountifulbisbee/bountifulbisbee.xml


To subscribe to Bountiful Bisbee directly through iTunes:

1. Access the iTunes Store

2. In the upper right "Search Store" box type in KBRP

3. When the KBRP Podcast appears, click on the "Subscribe Free, Bountiful Bisbee - The Bisbee Farmers Market Report" button

4. iTunes will respond with the following message:

"Are you sure you want to subscribe to "Bountiful Bisbee - The Bisbee Farmers Market Report"? The most recent episode will appear in the Podcast section of your library when it has finished downloading. Future episodes will be downloaded automatically as they become available."

5. Click the "Subscribe" button.

Every Friday a new episode will be available for download automatically.