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The Bisbee Farmers Market Report, Bountiful Bisbee, gives listeners weekly insight to what is happening at the market and the goods and produce available. The program also includes ecology and cooking tips for earth-friendly living.

The Bisbee Farmers Market Report for September 24, 2011

All I can say is "YEAH" fall! The bugs are gone. The weather is cooler. The skies are clearer and the produce is still bountiful. Of course, the type of produce is changing with the season. Winter squash and pumpkins, beets, carrots, and greens along with the end of summer tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, and peppers will all show up this week at the market.

As a reminder, the fall hours for the market are 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM.

Special Event

The special event for this week is our plein air contest which is open to all artists. We welcome the artists from our community to come and display their creations. We have shoppers from other communities that frequent the market and may not realize all the art, all the wonderful art that Bisbee has to offer. We plan to use the winning art as the official advertising poster for the market and on our own website for the 2012 season.

Local Goods Available

Desert Blossom, Bob and Marlene, will be at the market offering healthy and delicious sprout and green blends plus bedding plants for the winter, organic greens and herbs that are known to make it through the cold weather. They also have smudge sticks from sage they have grown themselves.

Local Produce Available

Winter squash









Local Meats Available

The Tabors will be at this week's market with their healthy Emu products, including the very low fat and tasty meat.

Upcoming Events

If you have not gotten your raffle tickets be sure to stop by the Market Booth which doubles as the Coffee Booth and pick up some. We have some really great prizes from both the market vendors and wonderful Bisbee businesses that support the market. If you happen to run into Nicole in town, she will also have tickets available. The drawing will be held on October 1st and there are 3 chances to win prizes valued at over $100.00.

On October 1st, we have something special being presented at the market. The first annual Wellness Fair, featuring a growing cross section of health practitioners from our community. Expect to gain plenty of knowledge on a huge variety of health related subjects, plus treat yourself to several different healing treatments. The Bisbee Wellness Initiative will be there doing Reiki, Marcia Galleher will facilitate a yoga class, and our local chiropractor, Phyllis Cavanaugh, will also be in attendance. We also expect several massage therapists, info and handouts on EFT, colonics, herbal and dietary, and supplement needs.

Musical Guests

Nancy Weaver

Credits for This Week's Show

Laura Smith, host; Keith Allen Dennis, original music; and Ryan J. Bruce, producer.