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A Look Inside our Radio Community!

The Bisbee Radio Project, or KBRP, now in its seventh year of live broadcasting, is a community radio station dedicated to Bisbee and southeastern Arizona.

KBRP is an independent, non-profit community media center dedicated to creating an awareness of local interests and socially responsible programming. KBRP, through it cooperative structure, aims to entertain and enrich listeners with a broad mix of education, culture, art, humanities, and music.

KBRP accomplishes this mission by providing radio and media education and training to the Bisbee community with a particular emphasis to underserved constituents. KBRP provides a high quality radio service that is focused on serving the interests of the Bisbee community to include news, information, cultural, and entertainment programming designed to reflect the personalities, interests, and spirit of our location near the U.S. - Mexico border.