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National radio commentator, writer, public speaker, and author of the book, Swim Against The Current: Even A Dead Fish Can Go With The Flow, Jim Hightower has spent three decades battling the Powers That Be on behalf of the Powers That Ought To Be - consumers, working families, environmentalists, small businesses, and just-plain-folks.

You will get a chance to see Jim Hightower right here in Bisbee on Friday, September 27th. Tickets go on-sale on Friday, August 23 for KBRP members and will be made available to the public on Sunday, August 25th. General admission tickets are $10 and VIP tickets are $50, which include a special reception at 5 PM prior to Jim's presentation at 7 PM.

You can reserve your tickets online at

Twice elected Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Hightower believes that the true political spectrum is not right to left but top to bottom, and he has become a leading national voice for the 80 percent of the public who no longer find themselves within shouting distance of the Washington and Wall Street powers at the top.

Jim broadcasts daily radio commentaries that are carried on KBRP at 7:45 AM and 12:45 PM, Monday through Friday. Each month, he publishes a populist political newsletter, "The Hightower Lowdown," which now has more than 135,000 subscribers and is the fastest growing political publication in America. The hard-hitting Lowdown has received both the Alternative Press Award and the Independent Press Association Award for best national newsletter.

He is a New York Times best-selling author, and appears on television and radio programs, bringing a hard-hitting populist viewpoint that rarely gets into the mass media. In addition, he works closely with the alternative media, and in all of his work he keeps his ever-ready Texas humor up front, practicing the credo of an old Yugoslavian proverb: "You can fight the gods and still have fun."

Again, Jim Hightower will be live and direct to you in Bisbee, AZ on Friday, September 27th. Tickets for this event are very limited, so please purchase your tickets early. We are very excited to bring this event to you as the second in our continuing series of public speaking events geared to raise awareness about our radio programming and explore new media opportunities in Bisbee. We look forward to seeing you in September.

You can reserve your tickets online at

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If you would prefer to purchase physical tickets in Bisbee, those tickets will be available beginning on Sunday, August 25th at High Desert Market (203 Tombstone Canyon from 7 AM-7 PM Daily) and Bisbee Office Supply (1116 south Naco Highway in San Jose from 8:30 AM-5:30 PM Monday through Friday). Thank you to Peyton, Frank, Jim, and Cecelia for making this possible. Also, a huge thanks goes out to Gym Club Suites, Elizabeth Bernstein and John McKinnon for sponsoring this event. You too can sponsor this event at the web site above. Sponsorship opportunities begin at $100.

All online purchase of tickets will be made available at will call on the night of the event. If you would prefer to receive tickets in advance, please reserve your VIP tickets today, these will be sent to ticket holders in advance with additional information about the VIP reception.

So to recap:

What: An Evening with Jim Hightower
When: Friday, September 27th at 7 PM (with VIP reception at 5 PM)
Where: Central School Project (43 Howell Ave in Old Bisbee)

If you have any questions, please contact our Station Director Ryan J. Bruce at 520-227-6547 or via email at