The Borderlands Radio Initiative


KBRP Community Radio and Radio Cultural (106.9 FM) are pleased to announce the Borderlands Radio Initaitive, a partnership that will create a media training and resource center in Naco, Sonora.  This partnership will work to create bilingual, cross-border programming to address the economic, social, educational, and cultural issues of our region.

The partnership launched in December of 2012 with the help of A’kos Kovach, Tom Carlson, Doug Dunn, Paul Tompkins, Radio Cultural Director Vicente Borquez, and KBRP Station Director Ryan J. Bruce.  Over the last 7 months, the stations have been working together on improving the reception footprint and constructing the media training and resource center.

As of July 2013, a partnership agreement has been hammered out and walls, windows, and doors have been erected with the help of KBRP Board President Andrew Nelson, KBRP Treasurer Elizabeth Bernstein, KBRP Volunteers Paul Tompkins, Gene Conners, Alison Williams, Peter Young, and Steve Foss. Each week, additional progress is made to move this project forward.

The next major step in this project is coming up in the next few weeks (August and September 2013).KBRP and Radio Cultural will enclose the rest of the training space and make a big push to finalize the construction of the facility.This project is truly unique as no other community radio station is working in this way across the U.S.-Mexico border to create cross-border programming and establish a community educational and vocational presence in Mexico.

This is where we need your help.Up to this point, the project has been almost exclusively been funded through private donations, which has gotten the project off to a good start, but we are hoping that many of our members will see the relevance of a project such as this and help us by investing in Radio Cultural.

KBRP has established a basic membership ($20) that will allow you to support the KBRP-Radio Cultural partnership in addition to your regular yearly KBRP contribution. This suggested donation will go completely to supporting this partnership and the development of the media training and resource facility in Naco, Sonora. While we have created a suggested contribution, you can give at any level that is comfortable for you (see below). In fact, the folks who have already contributed have regularly contributed above regular KBRP membership rates in an effort to see this project succeed.

The donation system below is safe, secure, and will transmit your information successfully to KBRP.  It will also send you an e-receipt provided that you give an email address at the time of your contribution. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF PAYPAL TO USE THIS SERVICE, just simply enter your payment information through the secure Paypal server page and enter your personal information. This information is encrypted and sent to KBRP as soon as the payment processes.

If you would prefer to drop off a donation, please either mail your check to KBRP, ATTN: Radio Cultural, P.O. Box 1501, Bisbee, AZ 85603 or visit us at the station on Friday afternoon from 12-6 PM at 43 Howell Avenue inside Central School Project.

Radio Cultural Memberships:

A Radio Cultural membership provides you a year of membership in the Borderlands Radio Initiative. This contribution goes to offsetting KBRP's construction and operational costs in building the Borderlands Media Training and Resource Center. It also provides you regular updates about the progress of the facility and ways you can see, hear, and experience the progress. You can select the appropriate level from the drop down menu below and add the membership to the Paypal cart.

$20.00 – Radio Cultural membership
Borderlands Radio Initiative

Sustaining Memberships:

A Sustaining Radio Cultural membership provides you an ongoing membership in the Borderlands Radio Initiative. This contribution allows KBRP to count on your continued contribution to this project and allows us to start to plan for the future. It also provides you regular updates about the progress of the facility and ways you can see, hear, and experience the progress . You can select the appropriate level from the drop down menu below and add the membership to the Paypal cart.

$10.00/month – Sustaining Charter Member
$20.00/month – Sustaining Benefactor Member
$30.00/month – Sustaining Dollar-A-Day Member
Borderlands Radio Initiative


If you value the Borderlands Radio Initiative, but you would like to make a donation at a specific amount, please indicate it here.  We appreciate you supporting this endeavor and want to make donating to the cause open and available to everyone.  We appreciate your support of the Borderlands Radio Initiative! Any dollar amount is welcome and your donation will be used to off-set construction and operating experenses of this project.

Any amount that is comfortable for you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Station Director Ryan J. Bruce at 520-227-6547 or via email at