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KBRP, Bisbeeís own low-power radio station, has been on the air for one and a half years as of May 21st thanks to the sheer determination, tenacity and generosity of so many members, underwriters and friends. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and includes over 35 hours per week of locally-produced programming. Several news programs are brought to Bisbee through KBRPís affiliation with Pacifica Radio.

Participant Members of KBRP are working together to put the news on, produce weekly shows, manage the music library, record community events, & deliver a daily calendar. We send a big thank you to Christine Kennedy and friends for organizing the KBRP MAY 27th Yardsale. Some worldly and other-worldly events: DJ Conner (New Radio, Sundays at 6:30) has authored and produced his original radio play, ďThe Day Bisbee Stood Still,Ē based on a true Bisbee tale. All voices in the play are local (although cleverly disguised) and KBRP will broadcast the play several times throughout the summer, so keep your ears open for the announcement of its next broadcast time. Beeman and Walking Talking Mary sent their recorded interview with the Christian Peacekeepers to the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters for world-wide broadcast on the UNís Day to End Global Discrimination celebrated April 22nd. KBRPís membership in this group as well as Pacifica and the National Federation of Community Broadcasters allows Bisbee to exchange original material with thousands of other radio stations, and their listeners, involved in the world-wide radio movement.

The Bisbee Foundation has awarded KBRP two grants to be used for equipment and seed money for a KBRP fundraiser. Thank you to this wonderful Foundation for helping culture and the arts thrive in Bisbee!

Providing all of this radio creativity and news 365 days per year incurs many expenses, so donations are always appreciated to cover monthly bills such as KBRPís vital internet connection, studio rent and monthly and yearly music licensing fees and professional membership dues. The Bisbee Radio Project is a 501C3 non-profit and donations are tax deductible.

If you are listening to KBRP LP, consider supporting the voice and music of the Bisbee Community with a $40 annual membership donation. Come by the studio or the KBRP booth at the Farmersí Market for your KBRP Old Bisbee Roaster Coffee or Castle Rock Honey. If you are a business-owner, become an underwriter of KBRP and keep non-commercial programs such as Democracy Now, Free Speech Radio News, and This Way Out on the air. Keep free radio alive and well in Bisbee.