Welcome to The Copper Chronicle

Bisbee is a town rich in history from the city’s mining heritage to the current creative class. On Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012, KBRP Community Radio and the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum, a Smithsonian affiliate, brought this varied past to the airwaves through a new collaboration. This program, The Copper Chronicle, will record and archive the stories that make this rich history relevant to our citizens and visitors.

The launch of The Copper Chronicle, hosted by Bisbee native Charles Bethea, reveals a distinctive narrative created through extensive research in the library of the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum. Mr. Bethea, a member of the Museum’s governing board of directors who has recently returned to his hometown after a successful arts administration career, conjures a sound that is reminiscent of storytellers familiar to listeners of public and community radio.

The Copper Chronicle

Bisbee’s volunteer-powered, listener-supported community radio station KBRP is pleased to announce the launch of The Copper Chronicle.

This weekly module program is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:50 PM, Fridays at 7:50 AM, and Saturdays at 11:50 AM.  The program is available on-demand from KBRP, the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum, iTunes, and this website.

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Basic Podcasting Information

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The Copper Chronicle: http://www.kbrpradio.com/thecopperchronicle/thecopperchronicle.xml


To subscribe to The Copper Chronicle directly through iTunes:

1. Open iTunes on your computer

2. In the upper left click on "File"

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4. A box will appear asking for a URL.  http://www.kbrpradio.com/thecopperchronicle/thecopperchronicle.xml

5. iTunes will begin to download the latest available episode of The Copper Chronicle

Every Tuesday a new episode will be available for download automatically.