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About Word Odyssey

Britt Hanson’s Word Odyssey is a playfully serious take on words, their origins and the stories that go with them.

You can listen to any of the shows any time by clicking on a show title (see at right under "Listen to the Shows")

Each show is about 5 minutes long and ends with a slice from a song apropos of the show’s theme. As you can tell from the show titles, my themes are extremely eclectic -- just like me.

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Engrish:  Lost in Translation

Ending Music: Engrish Bwudd, Man Man
Date: Sat., Dec 31, 2011

About the Show’s Host

I’m not a philologist or word scholar. I’m a lawyer (insert your own lawyer joke) who just really enjoys word origins, as well as the creative process. I hope you enjoy listening to the shows as much as I do putting them together. Thanks, Britt


My primary general sources for etymologies are listed to the right under Resource Links, although those barely scratch the surface. I also consult specialized resources for nearly every show. Those are listed with each show. (To see these, click on a show title). I almost always double-check each word history, triple-checking when in doubt. I’m also not afraid to lug out the Oxford English Dictionary when necessary. For pronunciations of Old or Middle English, I consult varied resources. Of course, mistakes in pronunciation and etymology inevitably will crop up. If you have a comment, email me at Britt.WordFlirt@gmail.com. Please be kind.

Other Online Etymology Resources

There are some outstanding websites, blogs and other resources on etymology or having fun with words. I thought about listing them, but others have already done that quite well. One of these is Dave Wilton at www.wordorigins.org, where you’ll see his "resources" link.


to the people at KBRP 96.1 for the support in putting this show together, especially Ryan Bruce and Chris Sawyer; to Ryan for getting this website off the ground, and to Laurie McKenna for taking on the website load.