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Community Radio Underwriting

By investing in KBRP, your message is presented in an uncluttered, commercial-free environment at a fraction of the cost of commercial airtime and you demonstrate your commitment to Bisbee’s cultural and educational experience.

KBRP is in its 20th year on the air and, shares our programming and your message with people all over the planet.

Whether you’re interested in marketing, or just believe in supporting the Bisbee community, KBRP is a great place to start.

Our two part mission is to enrich listeners with a broad mix of education, culture, art, humanities, and music, and to be a public access media center dedicated to creating an awareness of local interests and socially responsible programming. 

Download your Underwriter Packet here.

Make your Underwriter Payment using the PayPal button below. Please note that you can use debit/credit cards for payment as well as PayPal.

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