In 1997, a group of local visionaries in the border town of Bisbee, Arizona, formed the Bisbee Radio Project, Inc.  Located in the mile-high Mule Mountains in the northern Chihuahuan desert, Bisbee comprises a community of former copper miners, artists, bikers, writers, dancers, musicians, and similar free spirits—truly an eclectic mix of residents.  


Located in the heart of Brewery Gulch KBRP 96.1 FM, went on the air with automated programming on November 21, 2004.  Live programming began on the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2004. 


In December of 2005, funds were raised within the community to hoist the antenna from the low point in Brewery Gulch to the top of the Central School Project bell tower.  This strategic placement more than doubled the number of listeners who dwell in the winding canyons of the Mule Mountains.  In 2008, KBRP moved its office and broadcast studios to the Central School Project.  We remained there until 2015, when KBRP received an extraordinary donation: the downtown theater known as the Bisbee Royale, the current home of KBRP.  


Our dedicated volunteers devote their time and talents to manage all aspects of the radio station and the Bisbee Royale.  Regular activities include: live streaming, studio-to-transmitter technology, implementing FCC rules and regulations, library and database maintenance, fund raising, scheduling and marketing events, and the experience of creating and working together.  And of course, live DJs bringing an incredible range of musical entertainment to our audiences.  KBRP is a bustling hub of activity, creation, and fun.  


Our inspiration and guidance for this labor of love is expressed in our mission statement:


“The mission of KBRP is to maintain a community media center dedicated to creating an awareness of local interests and socially responsible programming. KBRP…through its cooperative structure, aims to entertain and enrich…with a broad mix of education, culture, art, humanities and music.”


The Board of Directors of the Bisbee Radio Project, Inc. manages the affairs of KBRP and the Bisbee Royale. The Board is fiscally responsible for the organization.  The Board is also authorized to hire the Station Director and determine other staffing needs.  Board members participate in various committees which provide oversight in the functionality of the organization. 


The Board of Directors is elected by the KBRP membership-at-large.  The Board is made up of seven members fulfilling both one and two year terms.  Anyone interested in serving on the Board of Directors is encouraged to submit a request to

Please download a Board application here.


Joni Giacamino - President

Steve Nunn - Vice-President

Patrick Tilcock - Secretary

Mark Parsons - Director

Paul Tompkins - Treasurer





Participant Member Handbook



On-Air Programmer Handbook