Being a member of the Bisbee Radio Project is about being a member of the community.

KBRP-LP is non-profit, non-commercial Community Radio. If you love radio in Bisbee, join in and help make it happen.

As a member of KBRP, you help bring Democracy Now (in English and in Spanish), This Way Out, and other non-commercial programs to our little corner of the Mule Mountains and to our world-wide, live-streaming website.

You are also supporting local programming produced by local people like you! KBRP is the voice and sound of the Bisbee Community.

Join KBRP as a supporting member

To become a member of KBRP please fill out the form below or download the membership form.  Your contribution may be tax deductible. 

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Annual Memberships

A one-time membership provides you a year of membership in KBRP Community Radio.  This contribution goes to offsetting the station's operational costs and covers the costs of all programming.  As a renewing member, you must renew at the Individual Member level or above to receive regular member benefits.  You can select the appropriate level from the drop down menu below and add the membership to the Paypal cart.  

Individual/Household: $60 

Frequency: $96.10 

Charter Member: $120 

Benefactor: $240

Dollar-a-Day: $365

Sustaining Memberships

KBRP is offering sustaining memberships for the first time. These memberships allow you to give on a consistent, monthly basis, which provides the radio station with a steady stream of financial support throughout the year and allows you to possibly give more over the course of the year in small monthly installments. The subscriptions last for the period of one year. We encourage you to renew your subscription each year during our fund drive.

$5.00/month – Sustaining Member

$10.00/month – Sustaining Charter Member
$20.00/month – Sustaining Benefactor Member
$30.00/month – Sustaining Dollar-A-Day Member


If you value KBRP, as an alternative to corporate media, as a source of independent views and music, as a resource to be cherished and cared for, it's up to you to make it grow. We appreciate your support for KBRP Community Radio! Any dollar amount is welcome and your membership donation will go towards our annual operating expenses. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact KBRP at 520.432.1400 or via email at

Join The Stream Team


Do you live OUT of KBRP's signal range? Listen to your community radio station anywhere in the world on any device. Your donations will be put to good use by keeping this stream alive.

For a $25 donation we'll mention your name on the air during live programs for one week.

Send donations to:

KBRP P.O Box 1501

Bisbee, AZ 85603

Or Call 520.432.1400


The Bisbee Radio Project is a non-profit 501c3. Your contribution may be tax deductible.



Adopt-a-Day of KBRP for just $10.


We'll mention your name on the air!

KBRP is Community-run, a non-profit 501c3, and non-commercial. It is funded by the community it serves. One way to keep radio going in Bisbee is to adopt one of the annual or everyday expenses of running an FCC-licensed broadcast station.


Thank you for keeping radio alive and free in Bisbee!

NFCB (National Federation of Community Broadcasters): This organization advocates for national public radio policy, funding, and recognition and provides support services to empower local community broadcasters like KBRP through localism, diversity and public service. Cost: $200 per year

PACIFICA RADIO: For over 50 yrs this organization has provided non-corporate reporting such as Free Speech News including Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman, along with Spanish News Headlines. Also the weekly GLTB news program This Way Out. Cost: $271 per year.


Membership in the following Performance Rights Organizations compensates musicians, protects and allows KBRP and its DJs to bring all music of the world to our town. All fees are annual.


SESAC: A 75 year old performing rights organization to represent songwriters and publishers and the right to be compensated for having their stuff performed in public. By being a member KBRP has the right to use the music on our local airwaves. Cost: $117


ASCAP: This organization is created and controlled by the artists themselves. As a member KBRP has permission to play copyrighted music on the airwaves. Cost: $119


BMI: This new American performing rights organization represents more than 300,000 artists. Cost: $239


Some monthly expenses:


Qwest: KBRP uses Qwest not only to broadcast from high atop its antenna site, but to stream live all over the world on the internet. $64.95 per month


Studio-to-Transmitter Link: links the sound from the studio to the transmitter and antenna on top of Central School. $90 per month


Telephone: $50 per month


Live-stream fees: $75 per month for 50 simultaneous listeners.

Thank you again for supporting your community radio station.